B different 

The main key to fashion-succes, is to think out of the box.

B different.

We all know trends can be over-done, and that’s when you have to mix it up. Do something different with it, be daring. Everyone loves difference, even though it’s not always a pretty sight.

I mean first, mom/boyfriend jeans was hard to accept. They were big, loose and overall just really bizarre. But now, everyone wears them.

Don’t go all in on the tumblr style either. I’m not judging – but, well I am. The tumblr style, also known as the wannabe style (in my opinion), is when wearing every clothing piece that is trending.


That makes it look like you try too hard.

I’m not saying you can’t try hard, but just not in everyday fashion. Everyday fashion is effortlessly beautiful, so try mixing some trends up in that bitch.


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