Can people judge you on appearance?

I’ve been thinking. Judging people, is something all do, wether you like it or not. 

It’s natural. It’s something the human race has always done, because it’s all about survival. If we go back to when we were apes, we know, that the weakest was left behind, as outcasts- and the strongest passed on the generation.

Are we judging because we deep down have an instinct of survival? Even though humans rule the world now. 

To choose the partner who seem strongest, and we could have the best life with? Of course.

On another note

You know people on appearance, you know their characters, but not who they are around friends and family.

Everyone expresses themselves differently, that’s how we can sort out the people, we could possibly survive with. 

We’ve all got a type when it comes to dating, and when we see that type, they’re attractive . They’re attractive, because we know what we want to see in the future, what genes we want to give our child and who we could build a perfect life with


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