Morning chaos

K, so my school officially starts at 8:45 am, so I wake up at 7 am.

So I decided that since the occasion was Friday; I wanted to look hot as hell and leave all those thirsty bitches wanting more.

So the night before I had laid an outfit on the bed for today, so that was done. I ate, brushed my teeth and spend approximately 30 minutes talking to- and petting my dog. And all of a sudden I’m like missing 30 minutes out of my morning routine, I have no clue where the fuck those minutes went…

Anyways, it was 7:50, so I had about 20 min to beat my face with makeup and put on that outfit.

I put on my makeup, and when I was done, I took a step back and almost dove into the trash like a mofucking Olympian swimmer. I looked at the time, shit it was like 8:02. I tried fixing my makeup, but it ended up looking even worse. Great, life was great.

I put on the outfit, and realized that it looked like I was about to suck 6 dicks at the same time, the teachers would probably throw my hoe ass right out of the door, if I wore that.

So I had 14 minutes left, I was chill because yeah 14 minutes.

But 5 different outfits later, I had 5 minutes left. I swear it only took me 5 minutes to try on those outfits, like I was speedy Gonzalez up in that bitch, but somehow, the minutes flew outta the window and gave zero fucks about my near panick attack. That’s when I realized I hadn’t even BRUSHED MY UGLY ASS BED HAIR!

So I try saying to myself; “fuck everybody and leaving them wanting mo’, they can suck their own dicks, and be content with being enchanted by my bomb personality”. I put on sweats and at least a decent sweater. I took my hair out of the bun, and that’s when my mom screamed “ISABELLA LETS GO!” Because we have to leave for school at 8:20 🙂

I almost scream from the chaos and mess that was scattered everywhere, even though I had just cleaned yesterday. Just another chaotic day, where I get to question my existence. I literally looked in the mirror and flipped myself off. Then I took my bag and headed off to school.

I hate myself

What can you learn from that? Don’t give yourself 1 hour and 20 minutes when you’re a procrastinator and wanna look fleek as fuck at the same time, cause girl, that’s goddamn impossible, for that you need at least 2 hours.

So that was the nightmare of a fashion/beauty loving flop. Hoped you enjoyed my rant.


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