People who try too hard, please read

Please just stop.

First off, do you not feel stupid walking around in the same clothing as everyone else; just because it’s a trend? You look stupid, and dependent. Don’t use fashion as a way of fitting in, that is a discrimination to all clothes.

Use it to express yourself man. Keep it fresh and stylish, and suddenly you don’t just fit in, people will respect you like you’re the queen of goddamn England.

But if you must wear something that is trending, do it because you like it, and don’t go all in with chokers, ripped jeans, nike caps, flannels or crop tops and shit. Because who wants to fit in, when you can contradict and be adored?

Find your own style and rock it cutie.

Fuck I’m annoying, but that’s me 🙂

– The ranting bitch


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