Dress to impress

We all know that no one, especially girls, likes to be told that: “they don’t need to dress to impress boys”

We probably all have a go-to response, because we have been told that from basically everyone. It’s like a reflex. 

But here’s my question. Do you never dress to impress? If you have a crush? If you want to make your ex jealous? If you want to make that annoying bitch jealous? 

Come on, don’t be petty.

When you plan your outfit in the morning or evening, you subconsciously choose every piece down to the accessories, because you want to impress. Even if you wear sweats, you show that you don’t care about the beauty standards, and with that, you impress.

Al though, I also believe that this maybe- fades out by the age. 

Sometimes it is good though, to dress to depress instead of dressing to impress.


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