21 things to do alone this Valentine’s Day

So here’s to all my single ladies, who are spending Valentine’s Day alone and don’t have anything planned. Yet.

  • Make yourself bomb breakfast
  • Dance
  • Eat chocolate
  • Take a bubblebath with some cute essentials 
  • Drink some wine
  • Watch romantic movies
  • Put on makeup and a cute outfit
  • Order food
  • Cuddle with your pet/pillow
  • Paint
  • Go shopping
  • Light some scented candles
  • Just like eat a lot of food
  • Invite your friends for a Valentine’s Day sleepover
  • Mani-pedi
  • Send love to your friends
  • Online-window-shopping
  • Binge watch a series with your celeb crush
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Have a night out with some friends
  • Do a lot of buzzfeed quizzes, cus that shit is addicting.

Hope this helped you make some alone plans this Valentine’s Day. I will probably do pretty much everything on this list, but idc. Love is overrated, you gotta love yourself first.

– My single ass 


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