My “New York City” Dream

“I want to be self-sustaining and wealthy. “

So, I really want to move to New York someday. It’s a beautiful city full of opportunities. I’ll probably move once I have a good education. I don’t wanna say: “fuck it!” and move there with like 150$ and no plan whatsoever. I understand that some people do it, and I respect their decision to jump in with both feet first. But honey, let me slap you with reality real quick, it just doesn’t always work out like that.

I have been to New York before, and I absolutely loved it. The culture, the style, the food and the people, argh amazing! I love big cities, because the vibe is always good there.

I know that it is hard to get a good apartment that is close to everything and cheap, and has good offers such as; a working heating system, good apartment space and maybe a washer and a dryer. But finding someone looking for a roommate, is a very good idea too, cause you get a place to live and make friends whilst. Plus, if you’re new to the city, they can help you.

I wouldn’t want to move to New York, without knowing the job possibilities with my education first, because I am very interested in being rich. I know I sound naive and dumb, but not like a millionaire, although I wouldn’t mind, but at least rich enough to live a nice place and not worry too much about what I’m buying. I want to be self-sustaining and make my family proud.

Right now I’m in ninth grade in elementary school, or to put it in a American way, a freshman in highschool. I live in Denmark, I have a job, I am saving but it’s hard because I really enjoy spending my money; I am trying though. I have something planned out for the next few years, going to after-school and middleschool (Gymnasium as it is called in Denmark) after that.

I would really like to go to college in maybe London, because me and my three friends are really interested in that, and yeah, I’ll probably figure something out along the way. Everyone finds their own way, if they want it hard enough. Maybe I’ll end up not moving out of the country at all, maybe I will.

Sorry for the long ass talk, but I hoped you enjoyed it a little bit anyways :). I kinda just needed to dream about this for a sec.

– The hopeless dreamer


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