Fishnets and mom jeans (and everything from the 90’s)

The 90’s are back!

We’ve all seen it all over pinterest, weheartit and what not. Fishnets under mom jeans, chokers, crop tops, turtlenecks and basically anything looking like it came outta 90’s magazine.

I’m not from the 90’s, I was born in 2001, where I got a balloon that said “It’s a boy!”- great start to life; my grandmother thought I was a boy. Don’t really know what went wrong there, but it’s whatever.

Anyways… Here’s my opinion on the old-fashioned being the new fashioned. I would much rather prefer the new 90’s trend, than the stuff Kylie and Kanye makes. It’s hard to find clothes that doesn’t look like something Lady gaga would wear, but also doesn’t look like you’re a girl from 8th grade, trying to fit in with the cool kids, by wearing a leather jacket and nike shit. So that’s why I like the 90’s style, because it’s cool, it’s different and pretty.

I like that it also isn’t all about showing curves, but you can wear baggy jeans with a baggy shirt, and still be able to feel beautiful. I think the style really brings out confidence in girls, and also shows that girls don’t always have to act feminine. It brings out the cool girl in all of us.

But it’s not just the girls who follow this trend. I’ve seen some guys hop on the 90’s train too, it’s not many, but it’s also not many guys, who even know what good style is.

It’s truly such a blessing, that guys follow this trend too, because hot daamn.

Nah, but honestly, I love todays fashion, because everybody dress differently and express themselves as they like through style.

– The girl, who’s grandmother, thought she was a boy


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