Feminine Spring look//Big city inspired

Spring City look// New York inspired
Walking around NYC in spring time? Or any other big city, with high end fashion? This classy and feminine set is perfect for some head turning and womanly feels.
Nude trousers, flowy blouse with stripes, cat eye sunglasses and reds compliment each other just right for this set.
Everything flowy, relaxed and feminine, will for sure be this spring’s trends.

Fishnets and mom jeans (and everything from the 90’s)

The 90’s are back! We’ve all seen it all over pinterest, weheartit and what not. Fishnets under mom jeans, chokers, crop tops, turtlenecks and basically anything looking like it came outta 90’s magazine. I’m not from the 90’s, I was born in 2001, where I got a balloon that said “It’s a boy!”- great start… Continue reading Fishnets and mom jeans (and everything from the 90’s)