Feminine Spring look//Big city inspired

Spring City look// New York inspired
Walking around NYC in spring time? Or any other big city, with high end fashion? This classy and feminine set is perfect for some head turning and womanly feels.
Nude trousers, flowy blouse with stripes, cat eye sunglasses and reds compliment each other just right for this set.
Everything flowy, relaxed and feminine, will for sure be this spring’s trends.

My “New York City” Dream

“I want to be self-sustaining and wealthy. “ So, I really want to move to New York someday. It’s a beautiful city full of opportunities. I’ll probably move once I have a good education. I don’t wanna say: “fuck it!” and move there with like 150$ and no plan whatsoever. I understand that some people… Continue reading My “New York City” Dream

21 things to do alone this Valentine’s Day

So here’s to all my single ladies, who are spending Valentine’s Day alone and don’t have anything planned. Yet. Make yourself bomb breakfast Dance Eat chocolate Take a bubblebath with some cute essentials  Drink some wine Watch romantic movies Put on makeup and a cute outfit Order food Cuddle with your pet/pillow Paint Go shopping… Continue reading 21 things to do alone this Valentine’s Day

People who try too hard, please read

Please just stop. First off, do you not feel stupid walking around in the same clothing as everyone else; just because it’s a trend? You look stupid, and dependent. Don’t use fashion as a way of fitting in, that is a discrimination to all clothes. Use it to express yourself man. Keep it fresh and stylish,… Continue reading People who try too hard, please read